Committed to Advancing Obstetrics

Glenveigh Medical is a life science and medical technology company focused on advancing the practice of obstetrics. Our core mission is to improve the lives of pregnant mothers and their babies.

About Glenveigh

One of the most expensive conditions in the U.S.

Current hospital discharge data reveal that the most expensive conditions treated in U.S. hospitals are pregnancy related. Hospital charges involving pregnancy, delivery and newborns accounted for approximately 9% of the national healthcare expenditures and 23% of total inpatient days. These charges exceeded $98 billion annually. Worldwide, the rate of pre-term birth is 10%, and prematurity is a significant driver of neonatal morbidity and mortality.

Glenveigh Medical, LLC is committed to easing that burden, and has the right team in place to rapidly become the leader in the field. Glenveigh Pharmaceuticals was formed in 2004 as the platform for this vision and to fulfill almost 10 years of prior research by the founder, C. David Adair, MD, a maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialist. In addition to Glenveigh Pharmaceuticals, the Glenveigh Medical family of companies now includes Glenveigh Surgical (instruments and devices) and Glenveigh Research (basic science research).

Organizations We Support
March of Dimes
Preeclampsia Foundation
Jordan Thomas Foundation